Captain Seth Adler

Port Saint Lucie, Florida
20 Years of Experience


As a Seattle native, it came naturally to commercial fish throughout my twenties and college years with seasons spent in Alaska and eventually all along the Pacific coast. All totaled, I purse seinined every fishery from Alaska to Mexico for 10 years, and Captain/Engineered most every waterway as well. In 2015 I moved to Long Beach, CA. For college and studied abroad in China for 4yrs., but still returned annually to commercial fish which afforded my studies and world travels.

After claiming two majors in International Business and Finance - with fluency in Mandarin, I went on to get my captains license and my “professional” Mariner career began. I have now operated, crewed, or managed most all industries the Pacific coast could provide a young mariner, from: crew boats servicing the oil platforms off Southern California, to Tug boat operations in dredging and towing barges up and down the coast for the US Navy and seal team operations, to excelling as Port Captain/Port Enginner for Los Angele’s busiest and most well known luxury and commercial charter yacht companies. I have: purchased, partial-owned, captained, operated, designed, built, re-fit,and engineered the most luxurious COI inspected charter yacht on the Pacific coast to date (Majorca Yacht), and now my wife and I have made South Florida our home - so a new journey has begun. My first assignment in Florida was rescuing an 85 Princess in West Palm from Rybovich North “holding it hostage” whilst not completing any work. So as sole crew: Captain/Engineer, I readied it for sea, splashed it, towed it to Singer Island, and singularly orchestrated its rebirth - after a complete systems loss and grounding from its previous two Captains. Once seaworthy I didn’t an owners trip and explored the Florida coast, with 40 foot tender in tow, as far east as the Tropic of Cancer/Bahamas. The Princess and tender refits were a success and have both recently found a new owner and captain, so I find myself again looking for my next appointment. Delivery and transport work for Princess/Viking Americas and for Ocean Alexander are keeping the “bills paid”, and as a master captain I also conduct NSBC USCG certified operator training courses, but I aspire to move back into a private yacht or the luxury charter sector where I feel best suits my skill sets.

License Information

License Type: 500 Ton Master
License Number: 3192309
Endorsements: 200 Master STCW, 500 master national, AB unlimited, NSBC instructor, Tankerman PIC, Radar unlimited, VPDSD, ARPA, GMDSS, Apprenticemate steersman, Advanced fire, lifeboat,
Additional Skills: PADI, Engineering, AV/Nav tech, AC/Plumbing, welding/fabrication


NSBC certified boating instructor. Previous roles also as Port Captain/Port Engineer training captains and crew on various yachts.

Services Offered

GPS/Navigation Systems, Navigational Rules, Emergency Preparedness, Troubleshooting, Anchoring, Engine Maintenance, Docking



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